Wrestling Rules!!
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Wrestling Rules!!

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 The Idiots Guide To wRiting a Good Match

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The Idiots Guide To wRiting a Good Match Empty
PostSubject: The Idiots Guide To wRiting a Good Match   The Idiots Guide To wRiting a Good Match EmptyMon Dec 18, 2006 4:21 am

The Dummy's QUIK Guide to A Good match
*The firs thing you need to know before even thinking about writing a match, is knowing how to take manuevers
as well as do manuevers wich starts with a simple bump. I'm not your instructor or trainer so I'm not obligated
to teach you how to do that. Get professionaly trained for that.

*The seconed thing you need to do is remember all of the types of matches
-Submission/Matt Wrestling
-Grapple/Technical Wrestling
-High Risk/Ariel Wrestling
-Fast Pace/Lucha Libre' Wrestling
-Hardcore/Blood Wrestling

Each style of wrestling has it's own pace, it's own technique, it's own nickname as well as it's own fanbase.

-"Submission" Wrestling is the common name for Mat Wrestling. Mat Wrestling is more of a spin of of REAL wrestling.
If you go to a high school or a college then you will see rest hold and the wrestlers close to the mat. In pro wrestling,
A rest rest hold, or submission, is usually not the ending result of a match rather than a break for the wrestlers to
decide what goes on next or to take a breather. Although, some wrestlers such as Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Ken Shamrock,
CM Punk, Sting etc have submission manuevers as finishers.

"Grapple" Wrestling, or Technical Wrestling, if you will,is the most common American style of wrestling. A Body Slam or
Powerbomb are perfectly good examples of grapple manuevers. They are manuevers in wich you pick your opponent up. The reason
why this got so popular was because fan are so "awed" by the strengnth of wrestlers. Nowa days, the popularity of Grapple
Wrestling is graduely losing a fan base. A lot of fans are interested in seeing "spots".

"High Risk" Wrestling, ARIEL wrestling, is also popluar. See guys like Jeff Hardy, Paul London, AJ Styles, who are known
to "fly" through the air. Hence the word, "Ariel". It's where you jump off the turnbuck or something else to "attack" your
oppenent This is what a spot is. A high risk or ariel manuever is called a spot. This is what people are looking for
nowa days. That's why Jeff Hardy is popular. That's why the S Division is great, people love the art of high flying.

"Fast Pace" Wrestling as called by some or most Americans is actually Luch Libre' Wrestling. This style originated in Mexico
and has travelled to Bombai, Japan, and now America. Superstars like early Eddie and Brian Kendrack are great examles
of the lucha style of wrestling. It's a style that doesn't axaclty use powermoves, doesn't use rest holds, and isn't
completely based off of spots. It's more of Arm Drags and great counters.

"Hardcore" Wrestling isn't a type of porn. It's what some call "Blood Wrestling" and they call it Blood Wrestling for one
reason...that's what it is. Hardcore Wrestling is a very popular style of wrestling but don't fool yourself, it's a
replacement for good wrestling skills, and it shouldn't me. I mean, a table here, a chair there, maybe some barbed wire every
once in a while but wrestlers like Mick Foley, though you may love him, aren't as great as they are made out to be. They are
simply what Ric Flair stated, stunt dummies. All they do is take weapons and use weapons and call it wrestling.

*You should use a special blend of each style.

Ariel/Tecnhical may not work out very well, although Ariel/Hardcore might or Matt/Lucha. The reason you want a nice blend of
the wrestling is "flow". You can't have bad flow or the match looks sloppy. If one man suplexes someone, and then the next
man just get's up and suplexes that other man, that's bad flow. This may happen sometimes because of wrestling stlyes not
working well together.

*You need to make sure that when writing a match it's booked right. "Booking" is what you are made to do. I you book a match
to where one man stays in control in the whole match and then wins then it's not entertaining.Book a back and fourth match.
Make it seem like the two are matched. Also in booking, one thing youm ay want to do it refrain from a smaller guy doing
power moves to a larger one, even if they have the capability. It keeps the fans on their feet to see the underdog fight
back even when odds are against them.

*One last thing, don't pull out all your stops and not end the match. If the craziest thing you can think of it doing a
"Hurricanrana" through a table, and you do so, and you have nothing more but you let your oponent is booked to kickout, you
have nothing to folow it. The fans will be disapointed that their ending was a let down, as contrare to the way they would
feel if you ended it earlier.

That is all for now.
Thank you, RobyD.
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The Idiots Guide To wRiting a Good Match Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Idiots Guide To wRiting a Good Match   The Idiots Guide To wRiting a Good Match EmptyMon Dec 18, 2006 8:25 am

soem people on here should really use this
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The Idiots Guide To wRiting a Good Match
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